Jan Bowman

New Work – Recently Accepted for Publication:

Flight Path & Other Stories accepted for publication Fall 2015 by Evening Street Press. Previously this story collection had a working title of Mermaids & Other Stories.

“Kindness” – published in Evening Street Review, Issue 12  (May 2015)

“Rabbits” – selected for Compass Flower Press –  new literary anthology edited by Von Pittman – Uncertain Promise (October 2014)

Current Work Out for Publication Consideration

“Garden for Loss”

Current Work Under Revision – working titles:
“Keeper’s Lot”
“Dark Matter”
“The New Math”
“Home Bodies”
“Green Thumbs”
“A Skunk Story”
Novel or novella – working title:  Tipping the Flood Zone or After the Flood

First Project: To Publish a collection of ten stories with a suitable Small Press.

Evening Street Press will publish this newly re-titled collection in Fall 2015 as Flight Path & Other Stories. The opening story, “Mermaids” won the 2011 Roanoke Review Fiction Prize and was published in 2012. The stories in the collection explore the power of small gestures of kindness in moments of grief and loss. These ten stories include seven previously published stories and three others currently out for publication consideration at literary journals. Stories in this collection have been finalists and/or nominated for awards and honorable mentions by literary journals. The collection explores the power of kindness in the face of loss.

Second Project: A short novel or novella based on a short story, “After the Rain.”
Based on Characters & Place from previously published story in Big Muddy, the working title: Tripping the Flood Zone or After the Flood

Third Project: Connected Short Stories on Climate Change.
Working Title: The Beaufort Scale: Stories Modified for Land Use.

Fourth Project: A Collection of Stories About Women and Children.
Working Title: Lifeboats Drills for Women.
Stories about Children & the Women Who:

  1. want them and can’t have them;
  2. have them but don’t want them;
  3. lose them suddenly;
  4. gain them unexpectedly.

Fifth Project: A Collection of Flash Fiction and Short-shorts.
Working title: If Only You Knew:  Second Person Observations.

Sixth Project: A Collection of Stories, Flash Fiction and Short-shorts.

Working Title:  How We Build It: Stories of the Concrete & Abstract

Focus: Upon – What/How/Why & Outcomes from a project

Examples:  a friendship, a park, a war, a bridge, a boat, a garden, Leggo Fort, family, consensus, a marriage, gun from a 3-D printer, a collection of something . . .    You get the idea.