Jan Bowman

Entry # 209 – An Experimental Nonfiction Piece on WATER

Photo Credit – Jan Bowman – 2013 The Truth About Water Drink up. Water is wealth. Water heals. Mends the cells. Flushes toxins. Drink water from plastic bottles thick with toxins. Bound for recycling or landfills. Water flows freely in our world into sinks, bathtubs and showers. We stand over cleansing basins of water, flushed… Continue reading Entry # 209 – An Experimental Nonfiction Piece on WATER

Entry # 200 – “A Well-Lived Life”

Not only is today Valentine’s Day, but today marks Entry # 200 for my Writer’s Blog.  Off Coast of Scotland – May 2012 I was thinking about what is essential for a well-lived life and what do writers need in order to do their best work. After all, there are easier ways to live in… Continue reading Entry # 200 – “A Well-Lived Life”

Entry # 179 – “Unintended Consequences”

Writers are like gardeners in that they depend a lot on hope and sunshine as they plant seeds, water, and add fertilizer in its various forms. Much of what happens after the words or seeds are planted depends upon luck, skill and knowledge of the gardener or writer. But unintended consequences occur, because no matter… Continue reading Entry # 179 – “Unintended Consequences”

Entry # 149 – “Making A Life While Writing About It”

In Nancy Willard’s The Left-Handed Story: Writing and the Writer’s Life, Willard says that writers have a calling to live “on the interface of two worlds,” the one that gives us dreams, stories, and imagined worlds, and the one that gives us family, friends, community responsibilities, along with jobs, bank accounts, taxes, other responsibilities.  Writers… Continue reading Entry # 149 – “Making A Life While Writing About It”